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Meet Cheque Bounce Lawyers Near You for Bounced Cheque case, It comes under Section 138 in The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881. The dishonor of cheque is a criminal offence and is punishable by imprisonment up to 2 years or with monetary penalty or with both.

The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

According to Section 13 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881, Negotiable Instrument means a promissory note, bill of exchange or Cheque payable either to order or to bearer. A negotiable instrument may be made payable to two or more payees jointly, or it may be made payable in the alternative to one of two, or one or some of several payees.

Section 138

Section 138 provides that when the Cheque is dishonored for insufficiency of funds or for any of the prescribed reasons, the one who is at defaulter can be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine which may extend to twice the amount of the cheque, or both.

Advocate fees for Cheque bounce case

Advocate fees for Cheque bounce case is depends on the case type, case time and the amount of that transaction, Court fee for filing a case varies from state to state.

How to escape from Cheque bounce case?

You can escape only from a false Cheque bounce case by having a good counsel to represent your objective. Cheque bouncing is a criminal offence in India under the provisions of section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act. There is no way out to escape from the liability if it is due. If you are serving a false Cheque bounce case against you in the court, you can file a reply to the case through a lawyer for Cheque bounce case near you. You can also file a counter file of Cheque against the person for filing a false Cheque bounce case against you.

It is better to consult a Cheque bounce lawyer to get rid out of from this, if you don’t look at into this, in future it will ruin your identity.

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