Domestic Violence Against Men, Husband – Grounds To File

Domestic Violence Against Men, Husband

Domestic Violence Against Men or Husband, Spousal abuse is not just faced by women, as men do face violence too, but it is just overlooked by society as men can never really be victims in marriage. This ideology is a preconceived notion since men are always considered to be strong emotionally and mentally by suppressing all of their emotions. If a victimized man is shown to explode all his bottled-up emotions, he’s targeted as not being dominant and controlling towards his wife, blaming him for his incapacity to handle his wife, being weak-hearted and not using his sense properly.

It is only the violence against women that is recognized and placed as a grave sin, but the same is not recognized for a man.


There is widespread violence against women but little knowledge of abuse against men as well. However, abuse has varying side effects on a married couple. This depends on the physical abuse or the mental torture given to either of the spouses. Hitting, throwing an object, pushing away, punching, slapping, all this physical abuse seems more severe towards women than towards men.

One reason why it seems to be less severe towards a man is that a woman does not have any muscular personalities or build up like a man. However, being called a loser, impotent, cheating by the wife, a coward, and a failure on a regular basis causes a man significant emotional and mental trauma, as men are more deeply hurt by emotional abuse. Mental abuse is not seen as a serious offence towards a man, but the impact it leaves on them is deep.

Let’s see the points below, giving an outline of the lower number of reports administered by men when abused.

  1. Women are encouraged to speak up when faced with physical or verbal abuse. But, the same encouragement does not take place for men, since there is a lack of awareness.
  2. Men find it difficult to file a report on the cruelty committed by their wives as people think it is not possible for them to be victimized.
  3. Until now, abuse against women has been unrecognized by many citizens in the country. When violence against women does not seem like a big deal in the country, then in such a situation there would be no place to consider violence against men.
  4. Men are withheld from stereotypes of being strong. They assume that even if they do initiate an action, it would go in vain because of the gender-biased law in our constitution.
  5. They assume that even if a legal action has been initiated against their spouse, the court would go in favor of their spouse since women are always seen to be victimized. And in cases with the presence of children, the custody would be handed over to the husband and not the wife.
  6. Society plays a significant role in nurturing gender-biased laws against a specific gender. Men deny the fact that they are victimized because they drift away from an understanding of what factors contribute to being victimized as a husband.

Domestic Violence Against Husband

Domestic Violence Against Men
Domestic Violence Against Men

Under what patriarchal grounds are men suppressing the abuse?

Usually, when there seem to be any bruises or injuries on a man, it is often not believed by the people around the victimized man unless proper evidence has been provided. It is a taboo that when a man is abused, he faces humiliation from the people around him, which does not make him capable enough to pursue it further.

The patriarchal grounds have the following effects on men:
  • Men must be the earning members of the family, putting all the financial burden on them.
  • Men are only thought to be strong and to avoid being expressive.
  • Men with feminine qualities are looked down upon.
  • Men are never supposed to be inferior to their wives, and they are always expected to keep control of what their spouse does.
  • They are not man enough if they do not show enough physical aggression and abuse verbally.

Approach a Family Lawyer if you feel victimized being a husband

However, in today’s world, men and women both work and are not dependent on each other in many instances. However, this does not refer to all couples, as a few women still depend on men financially. If there are any differences, they seek a divorce that is mutually agreed upon or else they may go for a contested divorce. Men are now beginning to open up about their spouse’s indifference and are avoiding further abuse and there is increase of “male victims of domestic violence”. Hence, in this situation, it is better for you to approach a family lawyer as they can assist you with what to do to avoid further abuse by your spouse and help you file a divorce petition.

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