How to Obtain A Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

What is Marriage Certificate?

Marriage Certificate in Karnataka, A Marriage Certificate is a valid legal document establishing the marital status of a couple. It is an essential document, especially for married women. In India, marriage registration may be made either under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or under the Special Marriage Act of 1954 or under the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act of 1936.

While the Hindu Marriage Act applies only to Hindus (Hindu, Buddhist, Brahma, Parthan and Arya Samaj), the Special Marriage Act applies to all citizens of the country, irrespective of religion, caste or language. The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936, applies to Parsis and Zoroastrians.

Eligibility to apply for Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

  • Bridegroom must have completed 21 years of age.
  • Bride must have completed 18 years of age.
Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

Karnataka Memorandum of Marriage Certificate Form

Documents Needed to Apply For Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

The following documents are needed to register and obtain the marriage certificate in Karnataka.

  1. Completely filled application form, duly signed by both bridegroom and bride
  2. Original wedding card.
  3. Proof of address of bride and bridegroom – Passport/ Voter ID Card/ Driving License/ House Rent Agreement/ Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill. The address proof must be in one of the applicant’s name.
  4. Age proof of bridegroom and bride – Mark sheet of 10thstandard with the date of birth mentioned on it or Passport.
  5. Identity proof of bridegroom and bride – Passport / PAN Card / Voter ID card / Driver’s License.
  6. 2 passport sized photographs each of bridegroom and bride
  7. 6 copies of joint photographs of bridegroom and bride in 2B size.
  8. 2 photographs of the bride and bridegroom wearing their marriage dress and are clearly seen taking part in the marriage ceremony (preferably with their families).
  9. Separate marriage affidavits in prescribed format from bridegroom and bride
  10. Aadhar card
  11. Affidavit in case of name change of bride after the marriage.
  12. The newspaper in which the information of the bride’s name change was published.

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