ISO 14298 Certification – Management Of Security Printing Processes

ISO 14298

ISO 14298 specifies requirements for the management of security printing processes and is a transposition of the former CWA 14641. A security management system can enhance your organization’s resilience to risk and potential threats. Combined with risk assessment, this strengthens your business. ISO 14298:2013 specifies a minimum set of security printing management system requirements.
These ISO Standards implemented for Security Segment like Security printers, hologram manufacturers and producers of documents of value which are physically protected against counterfeiting by added security features, e.g. banknotes, ID cards, passports, driving licenses, postage and tax stamps, holograms, certificates, breeder documents, credit cards etc.

How ISO 14928 Certification process works

  • Certification Selection
  • Enquiry
  • Submit your Application
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Pre-assessment audit
  • Certification Audit
  • Issue of Certification
ISO 14298
ISO 14298

What are the benefits for your business?

Whether you are a security printer or a supplier, getting ISO 14298 certified can help you grow in many ways and give you the edge over competitors in tender procedures.
• Implement a proven security management system.
• Uncover blind spots in your back-office operations.
• Guarantee maximum security from development to deployment.
• Provide a recognized reference for governments and industry.
• Improve your tender prospects.
• Enhance customer confidence and satisfaction
• Have a hand in fighting forgery and counterfeiting

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on the size of your company and the number of operational sites.
It is advisable to Consult ISO Consultants to Study and finalize which ISO Certification is required for your business purpose.

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