Legal Advice on Divorce If You’re going through a Divorce

Legal Advice on Divorce If You’re going through a Divorce

Getting legal advice on divorce is one of the good step because No matter what the situations, or how agreeable the divorce might be, the divorce process is traumatic. Though a lot of it is out of your control, your behavior before, during, and after your divorce can help determine how smooth the process goes, at least from the emotional viewpoint. It can also help confirm that you heal and recover faster post-divorce. The last thing you want to do is increase any struggle during your divorce.

Here are some points Don’t do when u are going through a divorce

Don’t Disrespect Your Children’s Feelings

Never overlook your child’s feelings. As difficult as dealing with a child that’s angry about divorce is, you should never let yourself get to the point that seeing your children becomes more hurting than not seeing them. The long-term moments and negative impact of not having their parent in their lives offsets the emotional pain you feel temporarily. Always make an effort to visit and spend time with your children and listen to their feelings.

Don’t Communicate with Aggression

Unless the relationship is offensive, if you have children together, legal advise on divorce also says you should always be willing to communicate in respectful way with your soon to be ex. If your ex reaches out to you via a phone call, email, or in person with a need to discuss an issue relating to your divorce and marriage, respond in a neutral and respectful way. There are likely to be allegations and bitterness. It is normal for both people to be angry; but, as much as possible, the couple should try to continue talking to each other.

Avoid Transfer Blame

Don’t guilt or cause anyone else to feel embarrassment. Divorce is hard on everyone involved, so be as careful to others’ feelings as you are to your own.

Don’t Be Afraid to Hear the Truth

People can at times tell us what they think we want to hear. Get other, objective opinions on how you are handling the legal and emotional aspects of your divorce. Once you’ve gotten those opinions, don’t ignore if they’re not what you want to hear. Legal advice on divorce also considers the honesty in both parties.

Never Make Expectations

It’s important to always think for yourself and never make assumptions. Don’t assume your attorney has you covered legally, don’t assume the judge is going to rule in your favor, don’t assume your ex is angry and out to destroy you. Know the facts and base your actions on them.

Try Not to Be Unrealistic

Set realistic expectations. You may expect your ex to be civil and respectful, but if it’s a particularly aggressive situation or it’s just their personality to be aggressive, the process might not be as courteous as you would have hoped. Make sure not to be unrealistic with what you expect so that you’re better able to deal with what actually happens.

Don’t Act Righteous

Don’t avoid fault in mutual disagreements. Make sure you’re honest with yourself about what happened in your marriage. If you’re guilty in any way, own it and avoid placing all the blame on your soon to be ex. Divorce is about the failure of a relationship in which at least one partner, but usually both, are disappointed in the behavior of the other.

Don’t Let Emotions Take Over

Don’t let your emotions take over. If your spouse has left and filed for divorce, it’s important for you to take action, rather than waiting around hoping they come back. Get an attorney and do what you need to do to protect yourself legally.

Never Pass up the Opportunity to Forgive

Moving on from divorce can be just as challenging as the divorce process itself, so make it a little easier on yourself and forgive where you can. Holding on to negative feelings towards your ex-spouse will make it harder to let go and start over yourself, so assuming the divorce process ended somewhat politely, forgive and let yourself move on.

Don’t Hide things from your attorney 

Attorneys can prepare for and deal with facts.  Surprises on the other hand create problems.  Drug use, adultery, hidden assets and the like can destroy your case if your attorney isn’t prepared to deal with them.  This isn’t a game of hide and go seek when you are serving divorce notice and chooses legal advise on divorce, Come clean.

Don’t destroy evidence

Just because you delete those emails from your computer doesn’t mean the other side isn’t going to get them another way.  When they do, it is going to look pretty bad if you hid them or lied about their existence in your discovery responses.

Don’t Make large purchases.

It is hard to argue that you can’t pay an additional Rs.XXXXX/- in child support, day care, etc. if you just went out and financed a new boat, car, motorcycle, gun, closet full of shoes, or whatever.

Here some more points

  1. Keep the communication line open with your partner.  Clear communication can complicate matters such as custody, division of property and spousal support.  This only prolongs the divorce process, making it even more difficult for both sides.
  2. Be sure to report all of your property and assets.  Not doing so could hurt the chances of finding a settlement and contribute to further legal proceedings.
  3. Ask your lawyer, spouse, and spouse as many questions as possible to avoid any surprises.
  4. Do not complicate custody or visitation arrangements for your children. Every confusion may be deemed by the court to be disrespectful of the court’s orders.  This, in effect, can adversely affect your situation.
  5. Do not marry during the divorce proceedings. A third party will only complicate any existing legal proceeding.
  6. During your divorce, do not sell any major assets. Such actions only complicate the proceedings and make it more likely that your action will be taken for some ulterior motive.

Note: Above information is just for reference, things are different for each person, so It is better to consult a divorce lawyer to get proper guidelines when you are planning for filing a divorce case.

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