Legal Advice On Property / Legal Opinion On Property Is Required Before Buying A Property?

Legal Advice On Property / Opinion And Property Verification is Mandatory?

Legal Advice On Property, Buying a property is undeniable a dream every citizen in the country has.  It is similar to buying an insurance. Why it is said so? Because, a property brought by you, safeguards your and kids future. But a property cannot be purchased by you without a legal opinion. Legal advice and property verification enables you to check the status of the property. Its history that is the owners and how has the property been passed. A number of legal aspects are involved before you buy a property. When you look for property, you should not only be considering whether it meets your requirements. But one must look whether it fills in the legal requirements to buy the property.


  1. To establish whether there is a clear title by checking the background of the property.
  2. To check whether there is a government approval on the documents. The documents which are to be presented will be communicated to you by the lawyer.
  3. The lawyer checks at this moment whether the property is good to go.
  4. The value of the property which is to be purchased by you is enquired by the lawyer.
  5. An approval is given, only if all the conditions are met by giving approval for sale deed.

Hence, it is clear that the legal requirements to be cannot be catered by a common man. Your hard earned money cannot be invested into a land without any clear knowledge and confidence on your part.


It is important to check if you are truly getting the deal you were promised. A property verification confirms that the property involved in business and purchase is free from disputes and lawsuits. Which offers a hassle-free property buying experience for you.

It is suitable to check all the documents carefully before buying any property, because a proper verification reduces the risks of unknown frauds. To start with, enrolling a deal agreement should be done with extreme care. A property buyer should go through all its contents with the help of a lawyer.

Therefore, it is necessary to get verification done to have a factual background about the genuineness of the property.

Documents Required For Property Verification


Around 30% of all the cases testified to Police are related to real estate fraud. Selling mortgaged property to multiple buyers, presenting fabricated documents of the property are some of the many ways used to scam property buyers. Overlooking such cases can prove to be a financial ruin. To avoid such frauds, you must confirm that the property is reliable. Documents which are necessary for property verification are given below:-

  1. Khata  A, B, E
  2. Sale Deed
  3. Mother Deed
  4. Commencement Certificate
  5. Encumbrance Certificate
  6. Building Plan approval
  7. Conversion Certificate (Agricultural to Non-Agricultural land)
  8. Betterment charges receipt
  9. Power of Attorney (POA)
  10. Occupancy Certification (for a constructed home)
  11. Latest tax paid receipt
  12. Completion Certificate (to get a built property)
  13. RTC – Records of rights

There could be few more documents depending upon property types and state laws. Therefore property lawyers for property documents verification to avoid any mistakes in property documents.


Legal Advisors (Property Lawyers) have huge exposure on handling cases like filing civil suits that are refer to property matters, partition suits, specific performance matters, lease, license and other related matters, family property/estate distribution matters, tenant/rent matters, stay on demolition matters, arbitration proceedings in property matters, implementation of arbitration awards and other aspects of civil matters.

Buying a property and property verification is taken care by specialized property lawyers. Verify property with experts before investing huge amount on it. Consult VSK & Co for any legal opinion or property verification services. Our Property Lawyers / Legal Advisors have decent amount of experience, of 14+ years of experience in the field.

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