Property Title Verification – The Most Important Step before Buying Property

What is Property Title Verification?

Property Title Verification, In the context of real estate, title essentially refers to the rights that arise from legal ownership of the property. A unique title is conclusive proof of ownership. Therefore, every time a real estate transaction takes place, a comprehensive title verification OR title search is conducted to ensure a clear and marketable title, as a faulty title can cause you legal and financial problems.

Property review is a process of examining and reviewing property documents to determine legal ownership of a property and identify any legal defects in the property. Typically, the title review is performed by a real estate attorney or job title research firm, and then a Title Summary or Title Search Report is generated based on the review.

Generally, title verification OR title search for securities is conducted for a period of twelve to thirty years, which can be extended or shortened depending on the objective of the party and the nature of the transaction.

Property Title Verification

Importance OF Property Title Verification


Once you’ve chosen to spend your hard-earned cash in a long-term savings like estate, you also need to make sure you’re doing the same with an eagle eye. For your potential requirements, buying an immovable property must not turn into a catastrophe and placed you at a subsequent stage in moment in hectic circumstances. The customer should always guarantee financial triumph, although he takes the choice to buy the estate immediately quickly and furiously.


No one can reject the reality that India’s civil courts are burdened with litigation where the “ownership” is almost a significant topic. Among those quarters, the issue comes into the bracket where, at the moment of acquisition, the customer submitted the complaint because of his inability to correctly scrutinize the property’s name. A first-time customer or an skilled seller–whoever he may be, a decent quantity of basic job has to be completed before buying a estate, so he requires to inquire a bunch about the papers and check them. The prudent customers are needed to check the name of the

estate before going to the Sub-Registrar department for registration purposes; which can readily be accomplished with the assistance of the attorney.


There are certain procedural and structural legislation to protect you from any chances when it gets to purchasing or purchasing the estate. The Transfer of Property Act, 1882Indian Registration Act, 1908, Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act, 2016, etc. All of these enactments identify certain processes to be pursued by the vendor and customer to avoid illegal activity.


The government has done all necessary measures to guarantee that income documents are kept transparent; and with the digital techniques accessible, data providing precise information can be readily inspected. The buyer can do his job half-heartedly by viewing the formal websites of the countries involved, which are kept solely for record maintaining. Here comes the role of Attorney again to help you complete the preliminary verification by examining the same.


The more applied the correct, the less difficulty the customer will have. The buyer has extensive privileges as such he invests a enormous quantity of cash to purchase the estate. Many of the buyers are unaware of the things that the seller should ask for, while being so, the attorney can save him and make sure the story does not end in tragedy.


Each estate has its own character and following the property’s name varies from each other. Some may have plenty of papers, but there will be a lack of significant income records and vice versa. On the other side, in the Sub-registrar’s department documents, the paper must be cross-checked to examine its authenticity. Here goes the function of Attorney to help you completely and provide you with a full estate framework that you want to get. The attorney will provide you with an optimal search report in the type of an view that allows you to learn about the complete heritage of the estate and to continue without any reservations in your mind.


Once you have engaged the attorney to offer the estate an assessment, he will act on your basis and insist on the vendor’s delivery of certain papers. The following is the Attorney’s job checklist in the vendor’s interest;

  • First and foremost, it is necessary to check the marketable title flow (from the mother deeds) in order to ensure free burdens.
  • Reviewing estate designation, study figures, borders, design, approved schemes, etc. from income documents.
  • To verify that the seller has an utter freedom to pass the estate and not a pure stake in existence.
  • No Certificate of Objection from other co-owners if the property is to be purchased from one of the common owners.
  • If it is an ancestral property, the family tree must be verified and documents such as the death certificate, the legal heritage certificate, the Will certificate, the succession certificate, the partition certificate, the settlement certificate, etc. must be requested, depending on the necessity in each case.
  • Updated estate charge or kist request deposit.
  • Court command where the seller is an authorized liquidator.

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