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What is Trademark Search?

No Trademark Registration Without Trademark Search?

Yes, One cannot jump on to register trademark without performing any trademark search. You may assume, registering a trademark would provide you with all rights, and are on set to venture your business. But you are wrong, you cannot register a trademark without performing trademark search. A thorough trademark search is necessary to avoid future implications. What implications is it? It’s your trademark being opposed by a third party; you being sued to infringe one’s trademark even without any ill intention. You may also be liable to pay compensation to the real proprietor, for the loss caused. Hence, robust trademark search is necessary for you to register your trademark.


There is a rapid expansion for the use of trademarks across the country. Hence, giving people the liberty to use well known trademark to expand their business without any awareness on their side.

  • Trademark search gives you an elaborate information. This is about the existence of a similar trademark which you intend to register.
  • Through Trademark search, you avoid using names which are phonetically alike to your trademark.
  • Trademark search provides you with a list of prohibited marks which are to be avoided by you.
  • Through trademark search, you may come across well-known trademarks which seems to be similar to your trademark.
  • If your trademark consists of a logo or device, you may come across a similar logo or device through trademark search.

The Benefits You Receive by doing Trademark Search

Trademark search is a valuable tool which you should comply with before registration of trademark. It covers essential benefits which are listed below:

  1. Avoids weak trademark.

Trademark search, helps you to avoid the usage of a weak trademark. For strong protection, you would require additional costs to achieve the desired level of protection.

  1. Impact on the Goodwill.

If you have registered a trademark without performing search, there shall arise a situation when you have to drop it. This is when another proprietor of the trademark alleges that you have infringed their trademark.

  1. Provides a future defense.

An expert opinion on trademark search protects you from future issues. That is, claims which are made in bad faith and willful infringement against you for the usage of a similar trademark.

  1. Minimizes Trademark Refusal and Opposition.

A thorough trademark search, broadens the analysis and assists one in trademark application. This minimizes the chances of refusals and oppositions by any party claiming to have a right on the trademark.

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