Apartment Owners Association Registration in Bangalore

Apartment Owners Association Registration in Bangalore

Apartment Owners Association Registration in Bangalore comes under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 (KSRA). By law, the KAOA is the provision. But the confusion arises because there is no authority specified for it to register the association through the Registrar of Cooperative Societies is regarded as the competent authority in this regard. However, note that you have the provision to tackle issues if you go by the rules of the KAOA. When it comes to the KSRA, the powers are well laid out and therefore, it paves way for such confusion. At this juncture, it is important to mention that while the KAOA deals with apartment complexes, the KSRA’s jurisdiction involves- literary, scientific, charitable and other organizations. As of now, those registering their apartments along the KSRA guidelines, generally put in a ‘welfare’ motive in the clause.

The homeowner under the KAOA is the absolute owner with a clear title of the apartment and its proportional undivided share (UDS). It is governed by the Transfer of Property Act,1882.

You Should To Know about Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act (KAOA) of 1972.

Before the property can be legally handed over to the owners, the builder has to register the Society within four months of sale of 60 per cent of the flats.

  • Minimum seven or more members who must be above 18 years.
  • Memorandum of association with name and objects of association, details of members of governing body with name, address and occupation.
  • By-laws (rules and regulations) of the association.
  • Fee for registration

Ensure that builder has obtained Occupancy Certificate for the apartment. Occupancy Certificate evidences the completion of the building as per the approved plan and assures its compliance to local laws. Here are all the documents for legal handover from the builder.

Apartment Owners Association Registration in Bangalore
Apartment Owners Association Registration in Bangalore

Apartment Owners Association Registration

Before Going to Apartment Owners Association Registration in Bangalore, The Members Should be ready with documents required to submit for further procedure:

  1. Occupancy Certificate
  2. Deed of Declaration under 1972 Act.
  3. NOC – Airports Authority of India
  4. NOC- Ministry of Environment & Forests
  5. Karnataka State Pollution Control Board – Consent
  6. NOC from BDA for Construction
  7. NOC – BSNL
  9. BESCOM Approvals for Transformer & LT Panels.
  10. BESCOM Sanction letter and Deposit Receipts
  11. NOC- Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services & Conditional
  12. Gas Approvals from Oil Corporations & Allotment Order
  13. BDA Approved Plans & Modified Plans
  14. Lift Approvals from Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector
  15. BWSSB Sanction letter/Payment Receipt copy
  16. List of Club House Movable Asset
  17. Hand over of DG, Transformer & Fire Pump Details
  18. Sump & Tank Capacity Details
  19. Hand over -STP Pump Details
  20. Hand Over – Pump Room Asset Details
  21. Hand Over – Swimming Pool Room with List of Assets
  22. Hand Over – Sewage Treatment Plant
  23. Hand Over – Play Area Assets
  24. Hand Over – Basement Fire Hydrant Equipment Details
  25. Hand Over – All Block Yard Hydrant Equipment Details
  26. Hand Over – Fire Hydrant Details Block wise
  27. Hand Over – Fire Extinguisher Details
  28. Hand Over – Security Room Main Gate
  29. Hand Over – Gas Bank Equipment Details
  30. Hand Over – Gym Room Equipment
  31. Hand Over – Club house Key List Details
  32. Hand Over – Common Area Key list Details
  33. Hand Over – List of Manuals & Service Report Files
  34. Hand Over – Fire Pump Details
  35. Hand Over – List of Architectural Working Drawing
  36. Statement of Maintenance Deposit or Corpus Fund
  37. Renewals – Annexure – E
  38. Address Book of all the Flat Owners.
  39. RR.No. Of all the Flats
  40. Title Deed.
 Apartment Owners Association Registration in Bangalore

The Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act of 1972 (KAOA), which came into force in 1975, encourages homeowners to form associations on democratic grounds. These associations ensure a smooth functioning within the housing societies and apartment complexes. Generally, such associations are registered by the developers. However, in case that doesn’t happen, the apartment residents can take a lead and get it registered with the help of a lawyer.

Most of the flat / apartments have listed their associations in Bangalore are recorded it through the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 (KSRA). This is due ease of the process outlined under the Act, particularly in comparison with Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act, 1972.

How To Register Apartment Owners Association?
How To Register Apartment Owners Association
How To Register Apartment Owners Association
How To Register Apartment Owners Association In Bangalore?

To Register Apartment Owners Association, the following documents of members is mandatory:
• Minimum 7 Members Required to form an Association.
• Application Form to the Registrar of Societies (signed by all committee members).
• Association Name
• Association Address
• First General Body Meeting Proceedings
• MOA Document
• PAN Card (All Members)
• Residence Proof (All Members)
• Registrar Fee

After submission of application to the Registrar, they review and verify the documents, if they find any mistakes or missings in the application and documents then they rejects the application.

So it is better to consult experts to make it in a hassle-free way to register in the first attempt.

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  1. premji

    we are group of people from hebbal, want to register apartment owners association, want to know what are the charges and duration for the process

    1. Admin

      Hi Premji “Apartment Owners Association Registration In Bangalore” for details of the process we can’t explain here, we will give you the documents list, you need to fill and submit all the required documents, it takes 7 to 10 working days to get the certificate.For further details consult our office.

  2. Ankur

    Do the Registeration is happing for association under 1972. and what about the PIL status that was filled to stop registeration.

  3. Ashok Kumar K

    Sirs, we need to register our client’s apartment owners association under KAOA. What will be the all-in charges and how many days will it take?

    1. Admin

      Consult us @ VSK & Co Bangalore || #5C – 316, JBJ Complex, 2nd Floor, Opp.
      Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, Above Airtel Store, East Of NGEF Layout, Ramamurthy Nagar Main Road, Bangalore – 560016. Mob:8880688811

    2. Poornima katpadi
      Poornima katpadisays:

      there is no provision under kaoa for registration of association of apartment owners if your builder has registered the dod with the annexure of bye law , prior to first conveyance of apartment and also subsequently registered the deed of apartment in the sub registrar office as per section 13 of kaoa act ,
      the association of apartment owners is a legal body coming into existence by the virtue of the special statute called kaoa act enacted by the legislature with the assent of the president and functions based on the statutory document dod and bye law.

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