How to obtain Marriage Certificate Bangalore Online

Karnataka Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate Bangalore Online, A declaration of marriage is a legitimate legal document establishing a couple’s marital status. It is an important paper for divorced females in particular. In India, marriage registry can be made under either the 1955 Hindu Marriage Act or the 1954 Special Marriage Act or the 1936 Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act.

While the Hindu Marriage Act applies only to the Hindus (Hindu, Buddhist, Brahma, Parthana, and Arya Samaj), the Special Marriage Act applies to all the country’s people regardless of religion, caste, and language. For Parsies and Zoroastrians, the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936 applies.

Eligibility to apply for Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

  • The bridegroom must be 21 years old.
  • The bride must be 18 years old.

Documents Required to Apply for Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

The following documents are needed to register and obtain the marriage certificate in Karnataka.

  1. Completely filled application form, duly signed by both bridegroom and bride
  2. Original wedding card.
  3. Proof of address of bride and bridegroom – Passport/ Voter ID Card/ Driving License/ House Rent Agreement/ Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill. The address proof must be in one of the applicant’s name.
  4. Age proof of bridegroom and bride – Mark sheet of 10th standard with the date of birth mentioned on it or Passport.
  5. Identity proof of bridegroom and bride – Passport / PAN Card / Voter ID card / Driver’s License.
  6. 2 passport sized photographs each of bridegroom and bride
  7. 6 copies of joint photographs of bridegroom and bride in 2B size.
  8. 2 photographs of the bride and bridegroom wearing their marriage dress and are clearly seen taking part in the marriage ceremony (preferably with their families).
  9. Separate marriage affidavits in prescribed format from bridegroom and bride
  10. Aadhar card
  11. Affidavit in case of name change of bride after the marriage.
  12. The newspaper in which the information of the bride’s name change was published.


  • All documents must be self-attested
  • At least one of the applicants must have government issued residence proof.
  • Carry the original documents for the officer to verify.
Marriage Certificate Bangalore Online
Marriage Certificate Bangalore Online

Marriage Registration Process

Offline procedure to apply for Marriage Certificate in Karnataka

  • The location of residency of either the spouse and spouse and not the location of wedding shall be the sub-registrar’s bureau.
  • To obtain a recommended wedding license request type, please visit the sub-registrar department closest your home.
  • Fill out the information in the request type carefully. If after the divorce there was a wedding preference shift, create sure that the fresh address is written in the register
  • The document must be ratified by three wedding judges. Friends and relatives can be witnesses.
  • Send the completed document together with the required papers to the sub-registrar’s department. The data will be formally confirmed and the candidates will receive six printouts of the data supplied in the request.
  • In the specified area, the bridegroom and the bride must place their signature on the printouts of the forms.
  • Two parts of the wedding license shall be given to the groom and bridegroom at the sub-registrar’s department and the remaining documents shall be retained for formal documents.
Online procedure to apply for Marriage Certificate
  1. Visit Karnataka Government‘s formal page in internet.
  2. Select and proceed the title of your district.
  3. Fill in the information of the bridegroom and pick “Marriage Certificate Registration.”
  4. Fill out the document for the marriage certificate and pick the application deadline.
  5. Click on “Submit Application” to submit the document.
  6. You will be assigned a provisional amount written on the acknowledgment chip, which will finish the implementation process.
  7. Take a piece of recognition shape and maintain it with you.
Witness for Marriage Certificate
  1. Any individual who has visited the couple’s wedding may be a testimony to the registry of marriage.
  2. Witnesses are chosen to be each bride and bridegroom’s nearest blood relationship.
  3. Ideally, they suggest that one of the relatives is the subject of the register along with their identity and email evidence.

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